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When I look back at all those campaigns and how Rohan (Photo Phactory) went about the assignments, three things stand out for me. One, no matter what time of the day you need to reach out to him for any suggestions or discuss a new idea or a last minute change that the client insists on, he will always pick up the phone with a warm and welcoming smile. And when your creative partner does that, half the challenges are automatically overcome.

Abhishek Sen

Vice President 

Cheil India.


"Rohan is fantastic at what he does. He takes his passion for photography very seriously and it shows in the photos that he produces, always cares about the client and the tasks at hand and most of the time he will go beyond your expectations. We worked together on various corporate, products and industrial photo shoots, and he totally fulfilled our expectations with a quick turn-around and without compromising on the quality. An absolute pleasure to deal with, flexible and pretty much everything you look for when wanting a commercial photographer."

Chan Jeet Singh
AGM – Creative Services
Muscat (Oman)


I have had the utmost pleasure in working with Rohan on many campaigns throughout my stint in Oman, over many moons and many many agencies. He was one of my "recommended photographers" to clients (which I insist that work on my projects for them) and has always delivered above and beyond. Though I may not have the opportunity to work with him again, I hope you do.

Lance Muller
Branding Consultant


I got to know Rohan as a young photographer in Muscat.  Before giving him a prestigious assignment I wanted to understand his strengths and his  credentials too.  He was very raw but I found that spark and a deep insight in him which was quite unusual in one so young. And he has never proved me wrong right from the very first project he did for me.  And I have seen him mature and bring a finesse to his work which is both endearing and sophisticated. I truly wish him all the best

Rajjiv Ahuja

Media Communication Head

Khimji Ramdas


When running a busy agency, a photographer you can depend on to understand the brief and make creative suggestions is an asset worth keeping. Rohan impressed me every time we brought him in and, more importantly, he exceeded the client's expectations. On a personal level he is very approachable and takes suggestions in the breezy manner that makes him such a pleasure to work with.

Ingmar Jense

agency owner


“Always an absolute delight to work with Rohan. Talented, passionate, affordable and a simple man to interact.

In all, as an agency, we have had an enduring and endearing partnership”

Najeeb Mohamed, Managing Director, FP7/McCann

Sultanate of Oman

harshad badbe.jpg

In my professional journey, I have worked with many photographers for various clientele. Rohan has amazing talent and is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. A talent beyond the borders.

Being well organized and the patient is the key to his wonderful work. Rohan goes far beyond the brief, making his work truly unique and outstanding. 

Rohan and I have worked on many assignments in Muscat and Dubai. And the journey is still ongoing.

Harshad Badbe
Creative Director and Consultant


Rohan is truly an outstanding photographer and a wonderful person with an mystical ability to capture the true nature of people and events. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Gaurav Sikka

Head Client Service

United Media Services

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